Color Imaging toner products are developed and formulated by our team of experienced chemists and undergo a stringent qualification process to ensure that they closely emulate the performance of the OEM consumables and achieve optimum compatibility with the devices for which they are intended.


The development process relies on very extensive and detailed testing performed in our facilities.


Raw materials are carefully selected to match the characteristics of the OEM toner. The products may be based on conventional or mechanically rounded toner or include chemically produced particles. Many recent products also incorporate carrier within the toner cartridge.


The process begins with detailed measurement and monitoring of the performance of the system when operating with OEM toner and this sets the benchmark for evaluating the compatible toner under development.


During the development phase, different toner formulas are assessed and tried until a satisfactory product is formulated. Color hues and densities, measured by means of a “Color Eye” and Densitometer are adjusted to emulate the OEM toner.


The finalized toner formula is then put through a very extensive testing procedure, to verify full compatibility and to ensure that its performance over time will closely match the OEM’s. The observations made during this testing process will be reflected in adjustments to the formulation until fully satisfactory results are achieved consistently over time.


Testing is performed on multiple machines and in the different machine models in which the toner is intended to be used.


Print quality and image density are monitored to confirm that they will remain stable throughout the life of the major machine components. (Photoconductor, Image Transfer Belt, Developer, etc….) During the testing to the life of the major components, the machines are monitored for toner dusting and components wear.


Toners are tested with a range of normal to heavyweight paper and stress tests are performed using very heavy coverage originals, long duplex print runs and 11X17 paper.


The Test Procedure also includes operating the system in an Environmental Chamber to simulate very low and extremely high humidity and temperature conditions.


Toner Yield is measured according to the standard method, based on the OEM’s specification (typically with 5% document coverage). We test the yield and adjust the toner content of the cartridge to ensure that our products will match the OEM’s specified yield.


Three consecutive trial manufacturing batches are produced and tested for consistency of performance prior to initiating full scale production of the toner.


Our compatible toner is tested with both OEM cartridges and compatible cartridges. The compatible cartridges used for the finished product also undergo a series of tests to confirm that the toner flow and the mechanical and electronic operation are fully satisfactory. (No error codes or anomalies)


Color Imaging Compatible toner products are tested for both forward and reverse compatibility with the OEM consumables so that switching from OEM to Color Imaging compatible toner and vice-versa does not result in any disruption to the process or deterioration of the print quality. It is however not possible to test for compatibility with every other compatible product in the market and our toner is only warranted to be compatible with the OEM.


Color Imaging toner products are backed by our one-year warranty and we also provide technical support for our customers.